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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ferrera is the Best Dentist in the Bay Area been my Dentist for over 10 years his Staff is Great too.

Michael B.
I am from out of state (here for school) and have never gone to a dentist outside of my hometown - Dr. Ferrera was excellent. Accommodating, thorough, and so kind. They were able to fit me in for a chipped tooth that was really hurting me. Their staff is the best, especially Morgan! Thanks again!

Jessica T.
A dentist you can trust that does exceptional work.

Joan M.
Dr. Ferrera and his staff are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Doctor takes the time to explain and educate and make recommendations yet not pushing for financial gain. Due to change in my dental plan I had to choose another dentist for about 1 year and SORRY I DID. They could not measure up to his nor his staff standard of dental care. Now I am back with him even if I have to pay out of my pocket I will not change.

Rosalind F.
If you are looking for a highly skilled, competent dentist with high standards and good outcomes, this is the place. The support staff is excellent, responsive and sensitive to patient needs. I have sensitive teeth and for the first time in my life, I enjoy going to the dentist. Seriously, best dental experience ever

Christine A.
Wouldn't change a thing. I recently moved near the downtown area of Tampa and gladly drive 30+ minutes to keep Dr. Ferrera as my dentist. Very personable, experienced, straightforward and reasonable.

Ryan E.
January 30,2014.

Dear Dr, Ferrera,

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your superb level of service and treatment. Your assistants and office staff went to great lengths to ensure my comfort, extraordinary!

Dr Ferrera, you combined the latest technology with your artistic precision to give me a confident smile.

You’re an absolute credit to your profession.

David W.
To the team at Dr. Robert Ferrera,

Overtime my teeth became worn down, sensitive and made me look older than my years. Dr. Ferrera suggested adjusting my bite, porcelain veneers and a consistent maitainance program.
He is different to other dentists in that he begins with a consultation where he discussed with me in depth the procedure, and the associated benefits and risks. After treatment I always feel that I can come in if I have any questions, no matter how busy he is he will always make time for me and gives me 100% of his full attention. This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had and my teeth not only look better but now I don’t have any sensitivity which was a major problem for me.

What I like most about Dr. Ferrera is how he gives me confidence, he reassures me yet at the same time he is not distant. All of my friends have noticed the change in me as a person; they say I look fresh and not afraid to smile!
Dr Ferrera has been my Dentist for over 20 years and I promise you that you will not find a Dentist with such a soft touch when it comes to needles and dental instruments.
The entire staff is well trained, professional, and courteous and treats you as an individual.
I can’t thank you enough.

Jerry A.
I have known Dr. Ferrera for many years, in fact I was his first patient. Over the years I've been blessed to have been associated with Dr. Ferrera. I happen to be one of those individuals that needed extensive dental work. Dr. Ferrera not only diagnosed my problems but set me up with the appropriate surgeons to have the surgeries performed. After the surgeries he took care of all the dental fixtures that were required. I can't say enough for the respect I have for Dr. Ferrera and his entire staff. I'm there every three months and have been doing this for many years. I can actually say I look forward to my visit. If you are looking for a dentist with exceptional skill and compassion Iook no longer, just give his office a ring.

Bob C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Ferrera’s for 10 years. He and his staff are a unique group of people. There is no more being uneasy about going to the dentist when visiting their office. They are very professional and knowledgeable in everything they do. You are made to feel like part of their dental family. I would recommend anyone to go and give them a visit.

Yours Truly,
Jeffrey M.
I, as well as other members of my immediate family are patients of Robert A. Ferrera,D.D.S. I’ve been his patient since the early 1980’s.

He has created crowns, bridges, lower veneers, and fillings; as well as taken care of my oral care. The doctor employs the latest technologies in dentistry. His standards of excellence are very high.

If the “fit” or color isn’t as expected, he will send dental appliances, etc… back to the laboratory.

His patient doctor relationship is comfortingin that he puts your mind at ease by explaining the procedures in easy-to-understand layman terms.

His support staff are equally competent, and his billing staff make the dental insurance easy to handle. I’ll be his patient until he retires!

Fred R.
Dr. Ferrera has been my and my family's dentist for over 20 years, and he has never let us down. I don't pretend to have any in-depth knowledge of any formal standards of the dental profession, but I can imagine none higher than those which we have experienced under his care.

Jess W.,
Temple Terrace
I have had my dental care for at least the past fifteen years with Ferrera Dental Associates in Tampa, FL. I have been extremely satisfied over the years with the exceptional care I have received. Dr. Ferrera has always managed to assist me when I needed support during dental emergencies. My sincere thanks go out to Dr. Ferrera and his entire staff for the difference they’ve made in my life.

Terry M.
Tampa, FL
Dr. Ferrera and Staff are like family. They greet you with warm welcome, speak to you like close friends, and care about you and your health. My experiences have been awesome that why I travel from Riverview for my dental care.Thank you,

Annie P.
At age 15 I developed a cavity in my two front teeth, my hometown dentist repaired my cavities with an off white filling. I was always self conscious about my smile knowing that the filling didn’t exactly match my teeth in color.

Over the years the fillings darken in colors from coffee, tea, dark sodas, red wine etc. Over 30years had past; when I decided to do something about my discolored teeth. A co-worker referred me to Dr. Ferrera for cosmetic dentistry. My consultation was very detailed; I was asked to score the condition of my teeth (0 to 10) 0 is the worse and 10 the best. I believe I scored myself an 8. At the conclusion of my consult I learned not only was my teeth stained but, I had a fractured tooth, silvers fillings from 30 years ago had started to chip away.

The health issues of my teeth included; a chip tooth, receding gum lines where nerves were slightly exposed and a few bleeding spots. By now I have scored myself as a 2. But, what sometimes appears bad may not always be bad, which was my case. I had two thoughts at that time #1 I had Hope, #2 I was in the right place with Dr. Ferrera and his awesome staff.
Dr. Ferrera turned my self conscious smile into a sparkling beautiful healthy smile J 10++.

Dr. Ferrera replaced my old stained teeth with beautiful Veneers that PERFECTLY matched my teeth. When I looked at my self in the mirror “I cried” because my teeth were sooooooo beautiful! and matched so perfectly. He also repaired my fractured tooth, I had my wisdom teeth extracted, and a graft placement to for my receding gum line. I now have healthy, beautiful, sparkling teeth, a HUGH thanks to Dr. Ferrera and his staff members that was wonderful, caring and very accommodating to my anxieties and fears of the outcome. But little did I know that getting Veneers would increase my self-esteem, take away self consciousness. My co-worker, friends, church members and family member want to knowWho’s your dentist??? I proudly say Dr. Robert Ferrera !!!

Gloria W.
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Ferrera for more than 10 years. The professional dentistry skills of Dr. Ferrera and his associates make going to the dentist a wonderful experience. Especially when it comes to getting crowns. His specialized equipment makes it possible to get a crown in one visit versus two.

Deadra S.
I think that Dr. Ferrera is the greatest dentist in the world. He is very precise and dedicated to his dental work and patients.

Love, Stephanie W.
I have been with Dr. Ferrera for many years. What a great experience he has been to my dental care.

Thanks for your service, Simmie W.
After not seeing a dentist for many many years, I had a lot of work to be done to my teeth. Once I found Dr. Ferrera, he and his staff helped me to figure out a dental plan that worked with my budget and my schedule. The staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my next visit!

Brooke R-L.
The team at Ferrera Dental Associates is exceptional. I DO NOT agree with any of the negative comments posted on this review site. Both my wife and I have been patients of Dr. Ferrera for 7 years. Ferrera Dental Associates is brutally honest and their work is second to none. The team is always ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in dental technology and training. Due to our schedules, as small business owners, Ferrera Dental Associates has continued to bend over backwards to accommodate us as patients. If you are looking for cheap prices and quick-fix dental work, look elsewhere. If you seek quality oral health, preventative education / planning and pain free maintenance, Fererra Dental Associates is one of the most highly recommended Dental practices in the Tampa Bay area." Have a great day.

The Novaks