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Convenient Dental Treatment in Tampa, Florida

At Ferrera Dental Care, dental care has evolved beyond the discomfort of the past.

Our dental practice, located in Tampa, FL, uses a variety of anesthetics to limit pain and keep our patients comfortable. We use topical numbing agents, local anesthetics, oral sedative medication, and nitrous oxide (conscious sedation).
With proper care and quality treatment, teeth can be kept clean and functional for a lifetime. Thanks to the latest techniques in decay detection, fillings, and crowns, faulty teeth can be restored to a healthy state. dental restoratives can be manufactured to appear more natural than in the past. If an individual needs restorative dentistry, the color, shape, and size of teeth can be matched for a more natural and consistent appearance. At Ferrera Dental Care, we focus on convenient, personal dental care that meets our patients' needs and promotes great oral health for a brilliant smile.

To schedule a dental appointment, give us a call at (813) 558-6684.


Treatment Services

  • Prophylaxis – Preventative cleaning using the latest, comfortable ultrasonic cleaning instruments
  • X rays with ultra super high-digital sensors
  • Care for gum disease/gingivitis (non-surgical)
  • Fillings - three different filling materials from which the patient may choose
  • Crown and bridge work (Permanent Tooth Replacement) – Lifetime warranty
  • Full mouth rehabilitation – Functional & esthetic rehabilitation
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Tooth replacement Implants to replace missing teeth without damaging adjacent teeth
  • Extraction
  • Dentures
• conventional or Swissedent
• Partial or full mouth
• see photographs of Swissedent
  • Pre and Post Cancer Treatment Services
  • In Home and Office Fluoride treatments – stop decay before it starts
  • TMJ treatment
  • Treatment for grinding of teeth
Beautiful Smile - dental care in Tampa, Florida