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Dental Patient Resources in Tampa, Florida


Save time during your appointment by filling out our forms at home and bringing them with you to your appointment.

Patient Registration and Medical History Form
Ferrera Dental Care offers comprehensive dental care in the Tampa, FL area. From preventative care to, composite fillings and dental implants, our dental practice is here to meet all of your oral health needs.


Please call us at (813) 558-6684 or send us an email
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Our office accepts most PPO insurance plans and as a courtesy to our patients we will file your insurance claims for you. However, there is no guarantee to what your insurance will pay for procedures, a financial arrangement is estimated at the time of service according to the benefits given to us by your insurance carrier.

Since there are thousands of insurance plans it's impossible to know exactly how much of a benefit will be paid by insurance until it is received and reviewed by them.


In Office Reduced Fee Dental Savings Program

Designed for our patients that do not have, or can not afford a dental plan.
This plan provides discounts on all services with the discounted percentage, increasing the longer you are on the plan.
  • No dental claims
  • No maximum dental benefits
  • No deductibles
  • No Exclusions
  • Not a dental panel
  • Care Credit
Low monthly payments for all your healthcare needs.

About CareCredit

With CareCredit, you can pay for treatment over time, without any up-front payment required. It's ideal for co-payments, deductibles, and treatment not covered by insurance, such as elective procedures. With CareCredit, you can take care of the bill without another thought and focus on what's most important scheduling your appointment right away.

Applying for CareCredit is easy! Simply visit the website at www.carecredit.com to apply online or call 800-365-8295 and follow the prompts. It's fast,easy, and affordable.

Now you don't have to wait to take care of yourself with carecredit you can have a healthy smile today and be pain free.

CareCredit You can use your carecredit account at thousands of dental, ophthalmology, veterinary, or other healthcare providers that accept CareCredit. Using CareCredit for your healthcare expenses leaves your major credit cards available for other important purchases and unexpected expenses.

CareCredit has interest free plans available with flexible payment terms. And if you're looking for a way to stretch your payments out over a longer time period, we have a low interest plan that gives you a longer time to pay.